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Best Origami Stork - How to make an origami Stork
In this video I will show you how to make what I believe is the best looking Origami Stork, My design.

Category: Models - birds

La Palestra della Scienza: il mondo degli Origami 21/12/2013
La Palestra della Scienza: il mondo degli Origami 21/12/2013

Category: Show - TV

Como hacer un águila de papel (origami en español)
Buenas amigos y amigas de youtube, hoy os enseñare a hacer un águila de origami, este es un modelo un poco más complicado, pero con paciencia seguro que lo podemos hacer, espero que os guste :)

Category: Models - eagle

Giant Origami Crane Hallowe'en Costume (2013)
Timelapse of the construction of a giant origami crane I used as a costume for Hallowe'en 2013.

Category: Curiosities - *

Origami Panda Tutorial | dearDanison
Hello, friends! Hello, friends! Today is an origami kind of day! And it's an origami PANDA kind of day! Yasutomo's Fold'Ems Origami Paper: http://yasutomo.shptron.com/c/origami

Category: Models - panda

Korean Origami
Korean Origami

Category: Show - TV

Inaguración del EMOZ. Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza
Realizado por: http://www.los4desiempre.com EMOZ: http://www.emoz.es/

Category: Meetings - GruZaPa

How To Make Origami Moving Cubes Easy
Origami Moving Cubes By: Koen Designer: My Variation Of Heinz Strobl Level: Easy Paper: 9 sheets of square origami paper.

Category: Models - cube

Origami - How to fold a table NAPKIN (for special events)
Here's another easy to follow, clearly presented origami tutorial: how to fold a napkin that can be used at special meals and events. See more at http://raveca.wordpress.com/ . There's more about how to make origami and how to cook.

Category: Models - napkin

Busta origami con chiusura quadrata _ Partecipazioni _ Tutorial Nozzeggiando
Partecipazione in carta perlata dalle dimensioni contenute da utilizzare anche come save the date. La partecipazione è realizzata con la tecnica origami.

Category: Models - envelope

Simple Origami Squirrels (Ardillas, 松鼠) Tutorial
This is my own simple and easy squirrels (ardillas, 松鼠). http://reneerae.blogspot.hk/2013/11/o... Diagrams can be found here:

Category: Models - squirrel

Electronic origami flapping crane with tutorial
この動画は YouTube 動画エディタ(http://www.youtube.com/editor)で作成しました

Category: Curiosities - *

Origami TV Mexico
この動画は YouTube 動画エディタ(http://www.youtube.com/editor)で作成しました

Category: Advertising - TV

How to Wrap a Blu-Ray Disc for the Holidays - Origami Wrapping
How to wrap a blu-ray disc for the holidays using origami. ---------- Origami: Elforia Envelope Designed By: traditional Arranged By: Heather Shida Origami Style: Non-Square (1 sheet of paper - no scissors, no glue) Made By: Heather

Category: Models - envelope

Origami in Space BYU designed solar arrays inspired by origami
Origami in Space BYU designed solar arrays inspired by origami

Category: Master - *

Kite star (modular origami)
I found this kite star under this name first: stella aquilone. It is designed by Francesco Guarnieri.

Category: Models - modularstar

Guirlanda de natal de origami
Re-transmissão do vídeo do Manual do Mundo

Category: Models - christmas

Origami Rose Instructions Toshikazu Kawasaki
Origami Rose Instructions Toshikazu Kawasaki

Category: Models - rose

Origami Rose Instructions Kawasaki rose variation
Origami Rose Instructions Kawasaki rose variation

Category: Models - rose

How to make an origami Scorpion (Jozsef Zsebe)
Original photos here: Jozsef Zsebe Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65167262... Diagram: http://www.papierfalten.de/documents/... Paper used: Color plus Recommended Size: 25 x 25cm Wet folded origami.

Category: Models - insect

Cine: Origami - Cortometraje
Cine: "Origami" - Cortometraje

Category: Show - fiction

Origami box from 12 x 12 paper - with prescored folds
This video will show how to make an origami style box using a 12"x12" piece of paper and pre-scoring most of the fold lines.

Category: Models - box

Unfolding an Origami Tarantula!!
Unfolding my very first origami tarantula because i hated it and i folded a better one.

Category: Curiosities - *

Origami exbition video
Dr.MGV Seethapathy, Origami Artist conducted Origami Exhibition at Tenali 0n8/12/13 visited many artists and art and craft lovers. My son Master M Sai Anand prepared some origami items and explained aboutorigami etc. at exhibition.

Category: People - *

Origami crab
cangrejo en origami-observa mas figuras en https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dismit…

Category: Models - crab

Origami Spread Hex Tessellation (Eric Gjerde) - normal speed collapsing
This video is the same from the Acorn tutorial, but now the steps on collapsing are completely on normal speed

Category: Models - tessellation

Aureliostern 3D Stern DIY (oder Tutorial) Origami
Ich habe dieses Video mit dem Video-Editor von YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor) erstellt.

Category: Models - modularstar

How to make an origami poinsettia

Category: Models - flowers

Origami Alien (Xenomorph) Tutorial (Tim Rickman)
Step-by-step folding instructions for my origami Alien, inspired by the Xenomorphs of Sci-Fi's Alien movies.

Category: Models - other

Origami Creeper
How to fold an Creeper from Minecraft with paper.

Category: Models - other

Nissan Livina Origami Comercial
Nissan Livina Origami Comercial

Category: Advertising - car

Origami presentation by Alina Liu
Alina Liu is a six-year old sweet artist. This is her Chinese School Homework.

Category: People - *

Tutorial Origami Ninfea - Progetto MilanoFree DIY
Progetto Poesie in Fiore a cura del sito http://www.milanofree.it Link per scaricare i file da stampare: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb…

Category: Models - flowers

Estrella espiral de origami
No dejes de visitarnos Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Uno-Par... Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Uno_Para_Todo Web: http://www.unoparatodo.com.ar

Category: Models - strip

ペガサス 折り紙 折り方 作り方 立体 How to make an origami Pegasus

Category: Models - horse

Tutorial Make an Origami Naboo Starfighter from Star Wars
Tutorial Make an Origami Naboo Starfighter from Star Wars A step by step tutorial for folding Martin Hunt's original origami model of the Naboo Starfighter from Star Wars : The Phantom Menace.

Category: Models - star wars

Как сделать рубашку из купюры money origami 5000руб 100$ 500евро
Как сделать рубашку из купюры money origami 5000руб 100$ 500евро

Category: Models - money

Origami Plane - Circle Glider
This tutorial will teach you how to make a weird circle glider, it looks like a flying tube, but works very well.

Category: Models - plane

STAR FOLDS An Origami Parody by somy 2013
minecraft skydoesminecraft smosh captainsparklez yogscast gangnam style tobuscus pewdiepie

Category: Curiosities - *

Celebration crane / 折り紙箸置き~正月祝い鶴~
お正月のおめでたいテーブルの演出に、豪華な鶴の箸置きをご紹介。 筆文字で書いたランチョンマットを敷くと さらに豪華さが増しますよ。

Category: Models - crane

Origami Deer Reindeer

Category: Models - kirigami

Origami Flapping Butterfly
Tutorial for the Flapping Ninja Butterfly, a model I designed that looks and acts like my $1-dollar Ninja Butterfly but is made from a square. Enjoy!

Category: Models - butterfly

Advanced origami maple leaf
Learn how to origami,handmade,crafts,quilling,etc

Category: Models - leaf

Origami - Como hacer una rosa (Nicolas Delgado)
Nicolas Delgado artista boliviano del origami, realiza una flor de papel con cartulinas Pinguino.

Category: Show - TV

Emprendedor manualista Centauro Manualidades Lila Origami
Lila Origami es un colectivo de jóvenes manualistas de la ciudad de Bogotá (Colombia), conformado por Lina Orozco y Laura Rodríguez,

Category: People - *

How to make an Origami Table
In this video, we shall teach you how to make an Origami Table video using a square shaped origami sheet. If you have any colorful - printed paper or square paper, that would also be ideal to use.

Category: Models - furniture

Origami - Como fazer um dragão em papel
Neste vídeo de umComo pode aprender a fazer um fantástico dragão de papel, é muito fácil. Não percam os nossos vídeos sobre origami e subscrevam o nosso canal.

Category: Models - dragon

Origami - Como fazer uma borboleta de papel
Neste vídeo de umComo ensinamos a fazer uma bonita borboleta de papel. É muito fácil e rápido. Não percam os nossos vídeos de origami e subscrevam o nosso canal.

Category: Models - butterfly