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Models - towel

HHS Northeast Division Towel Origami Lesson 1: Clam Shell
Troy demonstrates his technique for folding a quick, easy clam shell design using two washcloths and a rolled towel.
Origami Towel Elephant
Origami Towel Elephant on a cruise ship
How to do the Origami Fold for Flat Diaper Nappy
How to fold a flat diaper using the Origami fold

Towel Origami 5 - Peacock
Towel origami # 5 - Peacock
Oshibori Origami
Making interesting shapes out of hot towels.
Making Animals With Towels - 6 Different
For making animals with towels, this is the one video to watch. From start to finish, learn how to make a bulldog, a duck, an elephant, a turtle, a mouse and a monkey.

Towel Turtle Folding
The way how to make Towel Turtle
Towel Dog Folding
The way how to make Towel Dog
Towel Lobster Folding
The way how to make Towel Lobster
Fold towel monkey
How to fold a towel into a monkey
Towel Origami Lesson
Thought this was so cool. A lesson on towel origami just like they do on cruise ships!