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Models - stars

Origami Star Flower Tutorial
You will need a pentagon shape to begin with, so first go here:
Christmas Origami Instructions: Star Infinity (Francesco Guarnieri)
Paper used in this video: 24cm square of kami (9in) Finished model: 16cm diameter (6in), 2.5cm depth (1in)
Origami Shining star - Hoang Tien Quyet
Model designed by me - Hoang Tien Quyet. From 1 uncut pentagon (cut from a square 18cm) Recommend paper: Thick paper. In the video I used normal origami paper but the original model was wet-folded from Arches watercolor paper 180gsm.

빛나는 별 종이접기,Shining star origami
Bersinar star origami, พับ Shining Star, Shining Star оригами, 輝く星の折り紙
How to Make a 5 pointed Star | Origami
See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad:
Origami 8-Point Spiral Star
This is an eight-pointed star from a single square that can spin on the point of a pencil. It's a model I designed and published in my book Origami Ooh La La! sold on Amazon here:

Daily Origami: 094 - Star
Made By: Heather ---------- Today's origami lesson is number ninety-four in the series. We are doing more of the traditional origami that started it all. Today we will make a six-pointed star.
Origami Instructions: Star Doris (Klaus-Dieter Ennen)
Paper used in this video: 15cm square (6in) Finished model: diameter of 10.5cm (4.125in) This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami star designed by Klaus-Dieter Ennen. The star is dedicated to Doris Lauinger, so it's called "Star Doris".
Ohio Star by John Montroll
Instructions to fold origami Ohio Star from one sheet of paper, no cuts, no glue. This model is designed by John Montroll and diagrammed in the book "Galaxy of Origami Stars".
Origami Robin Star (Maria Sinayskaya)
How to make the origami Robin Star, designed by Maria Sinayskaya Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator It's a very nice model for your Christmas decoration! You can also use it as a shuriken if you're a ninja.
Origami Seerose Part I
In diesem Video seht ihr den ersten Teil der Anleitung der Seerose, die ich selbst erfunden habe. Viel Spaß!!! :D
Origami Seerose Part II
Hier seht ihr den 2. Teil und ich wünsche euch wieder viel Spaß!!! :D
Origami 8 Pointed Star Tutorial
Origami 8 Pointed Star Tutorial
Origami omega star
Origami omega star
How to make an origami star of david
Hi im jewish and i hope u like it.
Origami 6 points star
origami six point star how to make make a paper star how to fold a paper star Origami star in different languages
Stelle di carta origami_Tutorial origami 3d
Tutorial origami 3d. [In italian]
Origami Sun (Jo Nakashima)
How to make an origami Sun. Designed by Jo Nakashima
Origami 6-pointed Star Box (Robin Glynn)
Paper used: 12 squares of 15cm squares (approx 6in) Resulting model: Hexagon with a side length of 8cm (approx. 3.15in) This video describes how to fold an origami 6-pointed star box designed by Robin Glynn.
Origami Estrelas do Cruzeiro do Sul
Estrelas do Cruzeiro do Sul - Southern Cross Stars Crux Australis, Crux A mais brilhante delas, Alfa-Crucis, também conhecida com Acrux, Magalhãnica ou Estrela de Magalhães, representa a parte..
Hajtogatott karácsonyfadísz 4. [star]
Hajtogatott karácsonyfadísz 4. rész: Csillag Kellékek: négyzet alakú papír cérna/hímzőfonal tű olló
Six pointed star for rectangle paper
Six pointed star for rectangle paper. [in japanese]
Six pointed star for square paper
Six pointed star for square paper. [in japanese]
Mini star
Learn how to make a mini origami star. I added music and words to this one so hopefully it will be easier to learn. Enjoy!