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Origami Pika Pikachu
[from waterbomb] Origami Pika Pikachu - chinese
Origami Pikachu (Advanced)
This origami model is pretty advanced, so if you don't really get what a squash fold is, try a simpler model. I have made this video as more of a request, it ended up taking a reeally long time to make.. so I hope someone benifits from it :)
Origami Daily - 265: Pikachu (Balloon)
Welcome to the tcgames daily origami series. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami easy Pikachu Pokemon. Enjoy :D! Origami: Pikachu Balloon Designed By: Unknown (If you know, please contact me!) Made By: Suhas Sunder

Origami Pikachu - Pokémon - Tutorial
Designed by: (You can use all types of paper, but this one in particular only has color on one side).
Legendary Pokemon Origami Golden Phoenix
This is episode 63: How to make Golden Legendary Origami Phoenix Crane Pokemon Houou (aka Ho-ou). This is one of the legendary pokemons, which originated from this ancient mythological phoenix
Pokemon origami. Weedle
Pokemon de papiroflexia creado por Javier Caboblanco. Modelo simple realizado con cometas y cuadrados

Pokemon origami: Kakuna
Kakuna es la evolución de Weedle. Pokemon simple realizado con cuadrados y cometas.
Pokemon origami: Digglet
Pokemon origami. Modelo simple realizado con cuadrados y cometas. Papiroflexia simple.
Pokemon origami: Oddish
Pokemon de papiroflexia creado por Javier Caboblanco
Origami. Pikachu
Japanese Culture Origami.
Origami Braviary
I used markers to color an Origami Eagle by Pascal Khadem to make it look like the eagle Pokemon, Braviary.
Today's origami lesson is the sixth in the series. Today we will make a fun, truly Japanese origami - Pikachu from Pokemon! This is a fun origami that is a little difficult, but with some help younger children can make this cute little guy.
Pokemon: Squirtle
Pokemon: Squirtle
Pikachu Origami