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Models - owl

How to Make an Owl | Origami
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Owl origami
Do you know how to fold a paper owl?
How to fold: Origami Owl by Shoko Aoyagi
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Easy Origami Owl Instructions
How to make an easy origami owl video instructions.
Origami Maniacs 37: Origami Owl
How to make - Origami Owl
How to make - Origami Owl

Origami Owl by Stephen Weiss
Instructions for how to fold Stephen Weiss' Origami Owl. Level: Intermediate. Diagram can be found in the book "Origami Zoo" by Robert Lang and Stephen Weiss. Visit for links.
Origami Owl
Instructions for folding an origami owl, starting with a bird base. See more at
Owl - Antalis Origami
Make a Owl with Antalis papers. Author Kunihiko Kasahara.