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Models - genitals

Sin City Origami
Penis Towel, What my sister in-law taught me on my trip to Las Vegas. Just a hint towel should be DAMP.
Origami Penis from Pornogami by Master Sugoi
This is one figure from the Book Pornogami by Master Sugoi, Available at all major book sellers and PLEASE SUGGEST A FIGURE FOR BOOK 2! Coming soon in full color!
Origami Sexy by Patch
Il ns. patch esprime la sua creatività.

Pornogami The Erotic Origami Book by Master Sugoi
Pornogami by Master Sugoi, Available at Amazon and most major book sellers.
Vagina (ok a Vulva)
Origami Vagina, an original figure by Master Sugoi, author of the internationally best selling origami book "Pornogami" Erotic Origami for Adults and Lovers.
Pornigami - How To Make a Penis
my mom taught me this "pornigami" towel trick when i was a kid... thought i'd share.