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Models - duck

Origami Duckling - Baby Duck
Model designed by me - Hoang Tien Quyet. From 1 uncut square of paper. Size 20x20cm results a 7cm high model. My paper: Crumpled paper (aka VOG paper)
Daily Origami: 070 - Mandarin Duck
How to make an origami mandarin duck. ---------- Origami: Mandarin Duck Designed By: Traditional Origami Style: Pure Origami (1 sheet of rectangular paper - no scissors, no glue) Completion Time: 2 minutes and 21 seconds Made By: Heather
Pato Salvaje - Wild duck
Aprende a hacer tu propia Pato Salvaje. Learn how to made your own Wild Duck. Other tutorials at

Pato Mandarin - Mandarin duck
Aprende a hacer tu Pato Mandarin de papel.