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Best Origami Stork - How to make an origami Stork
In this video I will show you how to make what I believe is the best looking Origami Stork, My design.

Category: Models - birds

La Palestra della Scienza: il mondo degli Origami 21/12/2013
La Palestra della Scienza: il mondo degli Origami 21/12/2013

Category: Show - TV

Como hacer un águila de papel (origami en español)
Buenas amigos y amigas de youtube, hoy os enseñare a hacer un águila de origami, este es un modelo un poco más complicado, pero con paciencia seguro que lo podemos hacer, espero que os guste :)

Category: Models - eagle

Giant Origami Crane Hallowe'en Costume (2013)
Timelapse of the construction of a giant origami crane I used as a costume for Hallowe'en 2013.

Category: Curiosities - *

Origami Panda Tutorial | dearDanison
Hello, friends! Hello, friends! Today is an origami kind of day! And it's an origami PANDA kind of day! Yasutomo's Fold'Ems Origami Paper:

Category: Models - panda

Korean Origami
Korean Origami

Category: Show - TV

Inaguración del EMOZ. Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza
Realizado por: EMOZ:

Category: Meetings - GruZaPa

How To Make Origami Moving Cubes Easy
Origami Moving Cubes By: Koen Designer: My Variation Of Heinz Strobl Level: Easy Paper: 9 sheets of square origami paper.

Category: Models - cube

Origami - How to fold a table NAPKIN (for special events)
Here's another easy to follow, clearly presented origami tutorial: how to fold a napkin that can be used at special meals and events. See more at . There's more about how to make origami and how to cook.

Category: Models - napkin

Busta origami con chiusura quadrata _ Partecipazioni _ Tutorial Nozzeggiando
Partecipazione in carta perlata dalle dimensioni contenute da utilizzare anche come save the date. La partecipazione è realizzata con la tecnica origami.

Category: Models - envelope

Simple Origami Squirrels (Ardillas, 松鼠) Tutorial
This is my own simple and easy squirrels (ardillas, 松鼠). Diagrams can be found here:

Category: Models - squirrel

Electronic origami flapping crane with tutorial
この動画は YouTube 動画エディタ(で作成しました

Category: Curiosities - *