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Welcome to Origami video! My name is Mark and I select the best origami videos published on YouTube. You can browse them by categories or search for instructions of a particular model. Enjoy. Updated by Mark on 23/10/2014  


How To Make An Origami Gorilla
In this tutorial, I explain how to make an origami gorilla (designed by Kunihiko Kasahara). I used square sheet of paper 21x21 cm or 8x8 inches.

Category: Models - animals

One Dollar Treasure Box
How to fold a rectangular treasure box with a lid all from a single dollar.

Category: Models - money

Origami Cutlery Case
The recommended paper size for this origami is 24 x 24 cm. The finished size is 17 x 9 cm. It looks more pretty if you use a double-sided origami paper, meaning both sides of the paper are different colors, but that is really up to you.

Category: Models - other

Origami Paper - How To Make an origami Paper Spring into Action
An origami 'spring enthusiastically' spring is produced using a sheet of printing paper instead of the conventional origami paper. The spring is made of spiraled overlays that spring out when crushed in the center.

Category: Models - spiralspring

簡単!ハロウィン黒猫|折り紙 ネコの折り方|Origami Cat
折り紙 ネコの折り方。簡単なのでこどもでもOK。 ハロウィンやクリスマスに色々な色で折ってみてね☆ 黒猫の折り方ブログ⇒ [Origami Black Cat for Halloween](EASY!)

Category: Models - cat

Logo(Origami Bird) - after effect project
Download it: project is made by firekey - After effects projects - Best Stock footages - Motion Graphics Elements

Category: Animation - computer graphic

Origami Dog (The Papillon) from the book "Genuine Origami" by Jun Maekawa
This origami dog (The Papillon) is an intermediate model. This book has 43 mathematically-based models, from simple to complex. ENJOY :-)

Category: Models - dog

Origami Milk Carton Gift Box
Origami: Milk Carton Designed By: Heather Shida Origami Style: Pure (1 sheet of origami paper - no scissors, no glue) Made By: Heather

Category: Models - box

DIY Kawaii Memo Paper Box Tutorial (Origami) - How To
In this video you will learn how to make this cute paper box just using 6 kawaii memo papers! To make a slightly larger box, just tape 2 memo papers together and use 12 sheets in total.

Category: Models - box

วิธีพับกระดาษเป็นรูปปลาโลมาแบบง่าย Easy Origami Dolphin
วิธีพับกระดาษเป็นรูปปลาโลมาแบบง่าย Easy Origami Dolphin

Category: Models - dolphin

Origami Horse by money
Origami Horse by money with a bill you can create a lovely horse

Category: Models - horse