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Welcome to Origami video! My name is Mark and I select the best origami videos published on YouTube. You can browse them by categories or search for instructions of a particular model. Enjoy. Updated by Mark on 01/02/2016  


Origami Shining star - Hoang Tien Quyet
Model designed by me - Hoang Tien Quyet. From 1 uncut pentagon (cut from a square 18cm) Recommend paper: Thick paper. In the video I used normal origami paper but the original model was wet-folded from Arches watercolor paper 180gsm.

Category: Models - stars

Origami PANDA by Akira Yoshizawa - Yakomoga Origami tutorial
how to make origami panda wie man Origami panda machen comment faire panda origami como fazer origami panda

Category: Models - panda

Origami Fox Tutorial (designed by Mathieu Gueros)
Origami Fox designed and folded by Mathieu Gueros All Right Reserved I use bicolore 10" (24x24 cm) kami paper

Category: Models - fox

Origami Pencil Box Tutorial
Learn how to make a cool origami pencil box or long box with a hinged lid

Category: Models - box

Origami Pill Box / Organizer Tutorial
Learn how to make an Origami Pill Box with seven sections inside. You could also use this box to organize beads, loom bands, paper clips and other small items!

Category: Models - box

Origami Hinged Gift Box Tutorial
Learn how to make a modular origami box with hinged lids that open to the sides, this box would make a very neat wedding ring box

Category: Models - box

Origami Stand (Jo Nakashima)
How to make an origami stand to display your origami Designed by Jo Nakashima (05/aug/2015)

Category: Models - other

Simple Origami Canon - How to make a paper Origami Canon
In this video I will show you how to make this Origami Canon designed by Nicholas O'Brien. This is a simple Origami to make greats for kids.

Category: Models - other

Como Fazer um Óculos de Papel - Origami
Uma dobradura muito simples, muito rápida de ser feita e bem divertida! Esse óculos de papel (origami) é muito parecido com o meme Deal With It, que virou moda no Brasil de colorem junto com a música de fundo 'Turn Down for What'.

Category: Models - glasses

Origami Flip Top Box Tutorial
Learn how to make a cool flip top origami box - similar to a cigarette box, you could store cards and other stuff like crayons, pocky or candy in this box

Category: Models - box

Origami Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima)
How to make an origami Kangaroo Designed by Jo Nakashima (2015/09/13)

Category: Models - kangaroo

Origami Heart Box Instructions
Here are the instructions to make a cute origami heart box, this box has a surprising lid which you can't see on first glance, and would make a great gift box for jewellery

Category: Models - box